Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Fear is a Liar!

What's great about today...

Today, I am letting you know that fear is a liar!

Why is that great? You are free!  Free from the stronghold!  Let it go!  

Ok, let me explain. I, for one, am all too familiar with the emotion of fear.  Fear is what drives me. It drives me TO DO and also drives me NOT TO DO  You see, I am an Enneagram 5 which is in the head triad (sometimes known as the fear triad).  Without going into detail, this triad is strongly motivated by fear.  Mine is specifically a fear of not knowing enough or being incompetent.  In order for me to try to combat this, I will submerge myself  into a new topic or subject.  I am much more comfortable learning, researching, reading, investigating, and absorbing all the knowledge and I literally want to and NEED to know everything there is to know about that topic. .  I have always said that I would go to school for the rest of my life if I could get paid for it.  Nerdy, I know.   However, I do this because I am fearful.  Fearful of NOT knowing the answers or NOT knowing what to do.   

So, let’s actually define this word, fear.  What IS fear anyway?  Fear - an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, painful,  or threatening.  Seems pretty cut and dry, right?  Wrong!  You see, there is that word ‘belief’ that kind of throws everything off.  Belief, not truth!

Fear... takes simple decisions and turns them into complex lists of pros and cons.  Fear...  drives us to lash out at our neighbors because our thought processes are different.  Fear.... prohibits us from stepping out of our comfort zones and applying for that job. Fear... turns that miscommunication into an ended relationship.  Fear... makes excuse after excuse of why it will never work out.  Fear... sounds like, “what will _________________ think if I _______________?”  Fear.. makes us unsure of everything we thought we were sure about. Why? Because of that ‘belief’ again, not TRUTH! 

Now, let me tell you what I DO know!  Let me give you some TRUTH!  I know that fear is a liar!  Let’s say that again, FEAR IS A LIAR!!!  Fear does not come from the Lord! 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God does not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.”   Listen, Satan loves to see our fear.  Fear makes it much much easier for him to do his work in half of the time. Perhaps this is why “fear” is addressed 365 times in the Bible.  The Lord knew just how “expensive” fear could be.  Ultimately, fear costs us to lose.  Lose relationships, lose opportunities, and lose hope. 


There are so many answers that I don’t have.  There are many questions that I do have. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have repeated the mantra “fear is not from above.” It is a struggle of mine that I deal with most days. I have fear of the unknown. I have fear because I don’t know the ‘plan” after all, Enneagram 5 here!  I don’t have it all figured out, but I do know where I can go to seek the knowledge. That is, the knowledge that He WANTS me to have.  I don’t NEED to know everything, I know, I’m working on it! I was listening to a podcast last night and someone said that we need to wrap our arms around God’s neck and stop trying to put them in His pockets.  That hit me square between the eyes! God has already been to the destination.  He already knows the way. I can just imagine Him saying to me, “Tranum, STOP TRYING TO SEE THE ITINERARY AND JUST LET ME CARRY YOU WHERE WE ARE GOING!”    Notice, He says ‘WE” because He is always with me and with you!  There is a song by Casting Crowns that has become my “theme song” titled ‘Just be Held’. The title speaks for itself, but I encourage you to go listen to it!   

So, what do we do?  When you feel that fear creeping in, here are 3 tips:  

  1.  If you have a question and you don’t know the answer, get in the Word!  He wants us to know Him. 

  2.  If you are in a situation and have some reservations, pray!  He is waiting for us to talk to Him. 

  3.  If you are unsure of your current circumstances, go to Him! He is there. He is waiting.  He longs for a relationship with us. 

 I hope this helps if you, like me, find yourself falling into the lie of fear.   Fear is not the answer! It’s not even a part of the equation!  The problem has already been solved!  The battle has already been won! This world is uncertain and it IS ever-changing, but there is ONE constant, ONE authority! He knows the answers, He knows the journey, He knows the destinations, and He will always, ALWAYS be right by your side!

Fear is a Liar!

What's great about today... Today, I am letting you know that fear is a liar! Why is that great? You are free!  Free from the stronghold...