Monday, January 8, 2018

I must have a list!

What's great about today...

Today is grocery shopping day.  YAY!  OK, yeah that was a sarcastic response.  You know, I wouldn't say I hate grocery shopping, but I definitely don't LOVE it either.  Actually, I used to really enjoy getting out and wandering up and down every single aisle while taking my sweet time.  Of course, I also used to have a screaming baby at home.  I have now come to HATE doing that!  I do not like going to the  grocery store without a list.  Am I alone here? Does anyone else feel this way?  I have finally come to terms with the fact that I NEED A LIST!  And I'm not even capable of having the list on my phone either.  I am such an old fashioned pen and paper kind of girl. I need to write it down.  The act of writing commits it to my memory so much better than typing it on a phone.  Even though I would still have the list with me either way, there is just something about the pen in hand that does the trick for me.  The hubs and I went to the store this morning together.  By the way, that is usually NOT the way we roll.  Grocery shopping is not a couple sport for us!  We are starting a healthier eating journey tomorrow, so off we went together today.  This way he couldn't say "I didn't have what I needed."  No excuses!  We literally walked up and down EVERY aisle (as I'm typing this I am definitely rolling my eyes) because...guess who didn't make a list?!  Yep, that would be me! Again! I knew the basics of what I was looking for.  If I look at everything, surely I will get what I need, right? You know for the most part I felt like I did pretty well.  We got home and unloaded all the groceries....SWEET POTATOES!  I forgot the blasted sweet potatoes!!!  The "no list" escapade gets me again.  Oh well.  After all, tomorrow is another day!

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